Men who come to our office for help with their divorce, custody, and support situations commonly ask the following questions.

How is alimony calculated? (Support for the Spouse)

Unlike child support, while evaluating a “fair” alimony payment in terms of quantity and duration, the courts consider a wide range of criteria. It's critical to underscore to the courts early and repeatedly how important it is for non-working spouses to get educated, enter the workforce, and financially support themselves to the best of their abilities. Whether your spouse just needs to update their résumé or needs a full vocational examination, the sooner you start, the sooner you may achieve this goal.

How do you determine child support?

Unlike alimony (spousal support), the courts follow a strict set of guidelines when determining child support. It's critical that your earnings be accurately reported, and that the legal need that both parents financially support their children be kept in mind.

What criteria are used to determine custody?

We are particularly skilled at resolving custody and parenting difficulties in divorce because of our background.

One of three methods is used to determine custody:

  1. Parents make their own decisions about what is best for their children.
  2. Counselors in family court assist parents in determining what is best for their children.
  3. What is best for "most" children is imposed by a judge.

How long does it take to get divorced?

Welcome to the world of divorce litigation's "Hurry Up and Wait" mentality.

Our court system is overburdened, underfunded, and hence incapable of resolving issues as rapidly as they should be. The basic reason is that the courts deal with a high number of litigants and cases each month. The terrible reality is that, with the exception of actual emergency situations, the courts take weeks, if not months, to handle concerns and resolve disputes that people cannot manage on their own.

Divorcing couples should expect their case to take around a year if they do not reach an early settlement.

How much does a divorce cost?

Legal services are exceedingly costly, as evidenced by the issues in each case and the legal minimum standard of labour necessary in all divorce proceedings.

The approach and attitude of the opposing side are important factors in determining how expensive the lawsuit will be. We can't make the legal system cheap, but we can keep litigation costs down by applying a systematic approach to each case.

What should you do if your partner refuses to return to work?

According to the law, each party must support themselves and their children to the best of their abilities. When one spouse hasn't worked much during the marriage, the law compels that person to become "self-supporting" in a reasonable amount of time. Realistically, this means either putting her abilities to use in the full-time workforce or learning new skills and then returning to the full-time workforce. We address this issue early in each case to avoid wasting time “encouraging” the shift to full-time gainful employment.